MTN N0.0K Free Browsing Cheat With HTTP Injector VPN App (2018)

If you are not enjoying the MTN MPulse browsing tweak then you are really missing out. While you guys are still flexing the MPulse cheat, here a another browsing cheat for MTN users.
This new browsing cheat from MTN works with NO airtime and does not require any subscription at all like the MPulse cheat. Below is the settings for the MTN N0 tweak using HTTP Injector.

MTN Free Browsing Tweak Settings for HTTP Injector
>> Your Android phone.
>> MTN sim with no airtime or active data plan.
>>Download HTTP injector APK File.
>>Download HTTP Injector configuration file.

(It’s advisable you download the config file with uc browser and the file you are downloading must be in Kb and end with .ehi and not .APK)

HTTP Injector settings for MTN N0.0 Browsing Tweak
>> Download and install HTTP injector from.
>> Download the MTN N0.0K config file.
>> Launch the App and click on the file icon (Second icon at the top right corner of the screen.
>> Click on Import Config.

>> locate the MTN N0.0K config file you just downloaded and click on import.

>> After that, just click on Start and wait for it connect.

If you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

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